Registration Details of Life Is Music – Digital Music Competition

LifeIsMusic is a musical voyage that rises above past the restrictions of dialects and limits. Highlighting the genuine estimation of artists, this stage will scan for India’s most-world class band.

Members from everywhere throughout the nation will be guided by none other than the three eminent maestros – Louiz Banks, Taufiq Qureshi and Purbayan Chatterjee.

The voyage of these growing artists unravel as they fight it out on India’s first computerized music rivalry for a definitive dream – their own particular band.

Come, join in, as we commend music, instruments, cadence, individuals and life!


In the event that music is your every day measurements of bliss, then you know you are at the ideal spot. In case you’re an artist, have a band and/or need the world to see your ability, then snap beneath to share.