Registration Deatils Of Craftsvilla Miss Ethnic 2015 is a main e-commerce celebrates each and  every single lady of India, her ethnicity, her roots and her abilities, wherever she may live on the planet. She could be your neighbor or your companion, she could be a lady whom you’ve known for quite a long time.

Craftsvilla Miss Ethnic is an activity by – World’s biggest Ethnic online store – to find the Ethnic face and ability of India. It’s a festival of the personality of the lady. is looking for this ethnic diva of billions. She could be you!


Who can be Craftsvilla Miss Ethnic?

She could be a homemaker who cooks remarkable well; a music educator or an artist. She could be a lady who has touched your heart somehow, and even did right by you or humble. Somebody illustrative of our roots, our customs and ethnicity. She could be you!

There is no bar on Height & Marital status. You must be more than 18 yrs of age.

Critical Dates :

20 September- Registration Ends

24 September -1st Shortlist

28 September- Miss Ethnic City Announced

30September- Miss Ethnic State & World Announced

9 October- Grand Finale